Home Decor 2020

Home Decor 2020

Home Decor

Velázquez 21

With great happiness and pride we end this edition of Casa Decor 2020. A particular edition, private edition closed for a period due to mandatory confinement under Covid-19. However, the sample knew how to adapt to the new normality quickly.

From Kaymanta We thank all those people who collaborated to make this edition a marvel and with special affection we thank all the designers who trusted us to bring their projects to life. They are truly a great inspiration for us, and an example that beauty can also be respectful of the environment and the people around us, a fundamental value of our team. Thank you all very much and we look forward to the next edition.

The Dandy Lounge by Raúl Martins for Natuzzi

IINSPIRATION: The colors of the Trulli of southern Italy, where Natuzzi has its origin. A relaxed palette, of natural and sober colors.

TRENDS: The space connects with sustainability, crafts, natural, recycled and recyclable materials.

MATERIALS: Leather, wallpapers, undyed wood, handmade clay pieces, recycled fabrics, polylinen...

SUSTAINABILITY: The leathers and fabrics in the space have been dyed with natural pigments, using sustainable techniques, and some are made with recycled elements and materials. In the space there are also fair market crafts and reused decorative pieces to promote the circular economy. Waste control.

The two space rugs have been made entirely by hand and made under a strict organic process. Both belong to the Raúl Martins Collection for Kaymanta

L'Entrée by Fabián Ñíguez

We are very proud to have been part of this important project by Fabián Ñíguez, which has been awarded the 2nd Jury Mention.

In this magical space, it has shone throughout the show the Marqués Carpet, designed by the Interior Designer for Kaymanta and which has been made with more than 6000 recycled bottles.



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