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Decoration and fashion go hand in hand

Decoration and fashion go hand in hand
The world of fashion and decoration have always maintained a very close relationship. They travel in parallel, as the decoration feeds on fashion trends, finding its inspiration on the catwalk. In this way, collaborations have emerged between the most prestigious fashion brands and home aesthetics, manifesting both personalities in a single element.
As an example, we could highlight the fact that, for several seasons, curves and lines have been an ideal resource for providing visual strength and character to interior design, creating dynamic and creative environments. Geometric shapes have been protagonists in terms of furniture, accessories, coverings, rugs, among others, but also in fabric designs.
decor interior design fashion collaborations smeg louis vuitton dolce & gabbana
*In addition, not everything is based on clothing and design, but in practice this relationship is also revealed. The seasonal nature of both is a clear example of this. With the arrival of winter, we make a wardrobe change. We keep all the clothes that we are no longer going to wear given the drastic change in temperatures, just as we recondition our home to make it more welcoming, covering it with thicker textures and incorporating Nordic atmospheres.
It is for all these reasons that greater synergies arise between brands of different kinds, which are committed to a common project in order to create new concepts that demonstrate the efficiency of this merger. This is the case of the collaboration of Smeg and Dolce & Gabanna household appliances, of the creation of Missoni sofas for Designers Guild, of the limited collection of IKEA and Zandra Rhodes or of the brands themselves that have incorporated the branch of decoration into their line, like Gucci, Armani, Versace or Fendi.
Smeg and Dolce & Gabanna, Missoni for Designers Guild, IKEA and Zandra Rhodes Gucci, Armani, Versace or Fendi.Smeg and Dolce & Gabanna, Missoni for Designers Guild, IKEA and Zandra Rhodes Gucci, Armani, Versace or Fendi.
It is never too late to unite, reinvent yourself and grow together.
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