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Corbusier's Pavilion

Corbusier's Pavilion

Welcome to our blog! Today I want to share with you the experience we had in our visit to the famous Le Pavillon de Corbusier in Zurich.

Le Corbusier, one of the most influential architects of the 1960th century, designed this glass house in XNUMX as a space for architectural experimentation and a place to showcase his revolutionary ideas. The glass pavilion was built in the back garden of the architect's villa in Zurich, and is an outstanding example of Art Nouveau architecture.
Le Pavillon de Corbusier by kaymanta 3.jpg
The visit to the pavilion is a fascinating experience. Upon entering, you find yourself in a glass and steel structure, which seems to float in the air. Natural light floods the space, creating a unique and bright atmosphere. From the first moment, one realizes that one is in a special place.

The visit includes a detailed explanation of the history and design of the pavilion, as well as a guided tour inside. The pavilion has two levels and is divided into different areas, each with a specific purpose. On the first level, we find a living room, a kitchen, a study and a bathroom. On the second level, there is a room with a bed and an additional bathroom.
Le Pavillon de Corbusier by kaymanta 5.jpg
One of the most interesting things about the pavilion is its furniture, designed by Le Corbusier and his collaborator, Charlotte Perriand. The furniture is minimalist and functional, with an elegant and futuristic design that fits perfectly with the architectural style of the pavilion.

Le Pavillon de Corbusier by kaymanta 6.jpg Le Pavillon de Corbusier by kaymanta 3.jpg
The pavilion also has a large terrace, offering stunning views of the garden and Le Corbusier's villa. The terrace is a perfect place to enjoy the sun and relax while admiring the beauty of the architecture and the landscape.

Le Pavillon de Corbusier by kaymanta 1.jpg  Le Pavillon de Corbusier by kaymanta 2.jpg
In short, a visit to Le Pavillon de Corbusier is a unique experience for any lover of architecture and design. The house is an incredible example of Le Corbusier's vision and talent, and a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of modern architecture. If you have the opportunity to visit Zurich, do not miss this architectural gem. We assure you that you will not regret it!
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