Color Trend: Pastel Colors

Color Trend: Pastel Colors

When we think of pastel colors it's normal for our mind to think of a baby's room. But with time we have learned not to be afraid of colors when it comes to design.

Pastel color palettes are very versatile and can be used in many ways so they can fit perfectly with a variety of decoration styles. Whether you decide to combine them with a sharp white or a sophisticated gray, or if you want to take a risk with a mix of colors, a touch of pastels will always be a good choice.

Combining these tones with white will make them stand out and be the center of attention. One trick is not to saturate the room with these colors; Using one or two tones on a wall or in a piece of decoration will make all eyes focus on it. But white is not the only option... we can make a more dramatic mix with neons. For example, combine a pastel blue wall with a lime green or neon pink lamp.

The pastel range can be very extensive, because if you think about it, any color can be pastel! Yellow, pink, green, blue and whatever you can think of. These shades can also be combined very well with cream colors, light grays and golds.

Take the risk and dare to play with different colors for your space. Check out our products, we have some that go great with decorations in pastel shades.



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