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Raúl Martins reinterprets LUXURY with wicker and neutral colors

Raúl Martins reinterprets luxury with wicker and neutral colors

We leave you this article published by AD Magazine, in which our rugs shine and in particular, the one we want to highlight: our Design Australia.

Australia design rug by Kaymanta. AD Magazine. Article by Elisa Muñoz on Raúl Martins

This apartment, located in an old mansion in the center of Madrid, shows that luxury without fanfare translates into tranquility. The use of wicker and a neutral color palette were the great allies.

By Elisa Munoz

Although Madrid's Barrio de las Letras has changed a lot since Baron Delajoyosa had his palace here in the XNUMXth century, the spirit of the area and the house remain the same; The interior designer Raúl Martins knows it well, who before decorating this apartment had already done the same with the show flat, when approximately a year ago, the real estate agency Knight Frank put it up for sale. When the owner, CEO of a renowned startup de through crowdfunding, acquired the house, wanted him to also take charge of helping him find original pieces and combine them: “The essence of the project was set by the client. He was looking for a restful and calm decoration. With a neutral palette, craftsmanship, natural textures, little color, with a Mediterranean spirit”, explains Martins, who got down to work. The house is diaphanous, with a contemporary and open plan, almost without walls and with balconies facing the main façade. On the outside, the façade preserves the traditional architecture of the palace and the building has a garden, a patio with fountains, a gym and an automated garage. Discreet and practical luxury.

The living room transmits that idea of ​​tranquility thanks to the wicker and the irregular shapes of the different elements, such as the mirrors and the terrazzo tables, both of Zara Home. Because another of the characteristics of this interior design is that it shows that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to obtain the desired result. A wicker chair from the flea market is dressed with cushions of Güell LaMadrid, always synonymous with elegance and distinction. The black brushstrokes and the metallic pieces bring a lot of personality to this room.

The photographs of Gabriel Asdrúbal are also essential in this house. At the entrance, one of them accompanies a 60s sideboard by Concha Ortega and, in the dining room, one of her snapshots presides over the table. There, a simple table was chosen that gives prominence to the chairs, which contrast in shapes and colors. A black and white geometric rug completes the scene. Kaymanta.

Raúl Martins' studio designed part of the furniture: from the sofa in the living room to the original lamps that hang over the kitchen bar. The wickerwork reaches the bedroom with a bench at the foot of the bed and a mirror by Berenis on parchment paper. Coordinated, in the headboard. For this part of the house, carpets of Kaymanta and textiles of Les Creations de la Maison. "The idea was for the house to breathe the same language and color, to be calm and without stridency," says the interior designer, who knows that he has achieved it.

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