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Carpet trend for Fall 2023

Carpet trend for Fall 2023

This fall, the rug trend focuses on neutral colors that evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort. Shades that are in vogue include:

1. Beige and Sand: These natural tones create a cozy and versatile atmosphere in any space.

2. Light Gray and Charcoal: Gray continues to be a favorite to bring elegance and balance to decoration.

3. Earthy Brown: Warm browns, like caramel and terracotta, instill a sense of connection to nature.

4. Off white: The soft, broken white provides luminosity and a feeling of freshness that perfectly complements autumn.

5. Olive Green and Moss: These earthy green tones are associated with the season and add a dash of nature to your home.

6. Yellow mustard:A touch of mustard can bring a bold, sunny touch to your neutral fall palette.

These neutral rugs are versatile and fit various decors and styles, from rustic to contemporary. They are the perfect choice to keep your home fashionable during autumn, creating a cozy and elegant atmosphere.


Note: The photo that accompanies this article belongs to a project by Maite Granda Studio, where our Stone design rug shines.

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